Retirement of Clockwork Pastor, Moving to Electric Parson

After eleven years I’ve decided to formally retire this blog. I haven’t really used it actively in years so it’s time. But even though I’ve moved on to writing on Medium and Substack, I still want to blog. It’s kind of a great way to write and a good first draft for my writing. So, while this blog is done, I’m not done blogging. I wanted to try a place other than WordPress, so I tried Tumblr. But I don’t think it’s a great medium anymore because it tends to be younger and it seems the only people who interested are dating bots that think I want to get it on with some young woman. So, I am sticking with WordPress for now. You can find me over at The Electric Parson. I will be writing some rough drafts of longer articles and also sharing some of my content like videos and podcasts. Thanks to everyone who has followed me over the years here and consider following me at the Electric Parson. Take care everyone!


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  1. I’m not surprised you didn’t find tumblr workable–most new people people don’t. It is a weird mashup of blogging and social media, and to be successful you need skills from both worlds (but with a unique tumblr spin). And the site culture is weird, and the long-term userbase tends to be fiercely proud of that. Both of which combine to make it harder to get established on the site. Hope your new blog is a good internet home for you!

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