We Have Some Healing To Do

Differences over ideology, sexuality and race were there 30 years ago, but there seems to have been more opportunities to come together and meet the other. Our modern self-selected society allows us to basically pick our friends instead of trying to build bridges with those who might be different.

A Great Cloud of Witnesses: A Meditation on the Chauvin Verdict

For those of you who don’t know, I do a podcast called Spheres of Influence which focuses on religion, politics and culture. The following episode started as a blog post for the church website, was adapted to the weekly evening prayer on video and now is a podcast. I hope you give it a listen. I focus on the verdict of Derek Chauvin, and the witnesses who saw him killing George Floyd. They challenged the official story and made the difference in seeking justice. I hope you give it a listen.

Spheres of Influence


The following is the audio version of a meditation Dennis did for his congregation yesterday, looking at the murder of George Floyd from a religious standpoint.

Show notes:

Evening Prayer (Midweek Vespers) for April 21, 2021
Written Version from the Church website
Press Release from the Minneapolis Police Department

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