Introducing Chronicles of God Bible Studies

A few years ago, I started a Bible Study based on the Narrative Lectionary because I couldn’t find anything for adults.  It became the Story of God.
I created the Story of God (which is now called the Chronicles of God) for three reasons: first, there were few Bible Study resources based on the Narrative Lectionary out there and what was available was rather expensive. If your church is one that like to have a Bible Study or Sunday School class match what is being taught with what is being preached that Sunday, this is the resource for you. If you are looking for something that is easy to use without a lot of time for preparation, this resource is for you.
But there is another reason that I created the Story of God that has nothing to do with the Narrative Lectionary and yet it has everything to do with it. Being African American, I’ve always been interested in the African role of the grio. The grio was a storyteller that preserved the traditions and geneologies of the tribe. I think African American pastors have tried to preserve the Christian faith, as well as how God has worked in the lives of African Americans, from slavery to civil rights to the present day.
The story of God is entering a story. It’s about preserving this story of God bringing salvation to all of creation.
While the Story of God based on the Narrative Lectionary, it can be used at any time.
This is why I created the Story of God. If you want to try before you buy, please download this study. When you want to buy, go to the store page. Happy reading and may God’s Story infuse your life.

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