Beyond Soto Voce

no-voiceIf there is one thing I want to do more of in 2018 is get back to blogging about religion again.  I spent a lot of the past year just not saying much.  I can look at my blog and see a large number of drafts that never went anywhere.

There are a lot of reasons, that I kind of went dark this past year.  Part of it is wondering what other people will think of my views which most of the time won’t mirror their views. But I’ve also just became afraid of sharing my viewpoint.  For reasons I can’t go into, I just felt more and more that I couldn’t say what I was feeling or thinking, so my voice got smaller and smaller, and my desire to write just shriveled up. Bluntness was replaced by hesitation and fear.

But I missed not sharing what I felt or thought about some issue. And I just missed writing.

I want to get back to being able to be honest and less afraid of writing. I need to develop my voice again and to not be fearful of what others think.

But I need to write again, because it is the most effective way to express myself.  I’m not always open around people in ways that I can be behind the screen. Not being able to share myself felt a bit like I was dying on the inside.

So, I’m going to try again. And by trying, I want to start living again.  Here’s hoping 2018 is when I can share my thoughts again.


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