Here I Am. Send Someone Else.

New Property Sign (1) [800x600]I came back from the General Assembly of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) a week ago.  I got some great ideas about revitalizing First Christian of St. Paul, but there is still this desire to be part of planting a new church.

I tend to believe that the Twin Cities and Rochester are poised for new Disciple congregations.  But while I believe this and feel that we need to get on the ball, I also know not everyone feels the same way, which only makes me more anxious to see something new.

Whenever I bring this up, everyone to a person seems to think I should be the one planting a church and my reaction is…mixed.

You see, I’ve planted a church before and while I had a good time, it was hard to get people to take part in the life of the church.  Gathering a church can be a challenge.  That and if I did it, I’d be on my own.

But it’s not just competence that keeps me from doing this- it’s also the fact that I’m busy trying to help revitalize a church and that takes time.  I want to help, but I just don’t have the time to start a church.

Which is why I pray that God will lift up people who want to plant a church.  I can’t do it now.  But I have to believe there are maybe first call pastors or young adults that would like to try something different.

I want to believe that, because I think the harvest is ready and we need some laborers.


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