Via Media Disciples?

ImageI’ve noticed a blog called Via Media Methodists which is trying to get out of the left-right box the American church finds itself in.  That leaves me wondering: are there a group of Disciples who want to elevate the discourse in our tradition?

This is how Via Media Methodists describe themselves:

Via media, Latin for “middle way,” was a descriptor claimed by early Anglicanism as a third way between Catholicism and Protestantism. At its best, Wesleyanism as a branch of the Anglican family tree (including United Methodists and many others) has maintained this witness to a “third way” during the last two and a half centuries, evidenced by Methodism’s emphasis on both faith and practice, personal and social holiness, word and sacrament. However, we believe this viamedia has been lost in many of the present debates, which often turn on ideological convictions rather than prayer and holy conferencing. Our vision is thus to represent, resource, and give voice to a Middle Way at a crucial time in the North American church. As the Charles Wesley quote on the blog title suggests, the source of our unity and our hope is not in a particular party or sect, but solely in Jesus’ name. We are excited for you to join this journey as we seek a via media for the people called Methodists and welcome your prayers, thoughts, and contributions.

So, is there a “middle way” for Disciples?  Are there folks who are tired of the left-right discourse and want to talk and listen to each other, knowing that we are united in Christ even if we have different views on sexuality or government?

I can’t be the only one who feels this way.  If there are others, please let me know.



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