What Am I?

question markA while back I had a discussion with a fellow pastor who is an evangelical.  I shared some of my own frustrations within mainline denominations and he suggested that I am still an evangelical in many ways.

This has me wondering at times what best describes my theology.  In many ways I do exhibit more evangelical tenets, but the general stance on homosexuality means I couldn’t be a pastor in that context.  However, I really don’t fit liberal Christianity either.  I agree that social justice is important, but at times I feel that God gets pushed aside for what ever issue taking center stage.

So, I’m a gay guy that doesn’t see being a gay a sin, but who has a very traditional theology when it comes to the nature of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit?

This makes me a rainbow colored unicorn.

There are some adjectives that come close.  Maybe post-evangelical.  I did have a keen interest in reading some of the post-liberal and neoorthodox theologians while in seminary.  Over those three, neo-orthodoxy tends to be the term that best describes me because it seems to be a mediating theology between evangelicalism and liberal theology.  The downside, is I don’t know if anyone is considered neo-orthodox anymore.

As usual, I tend to not fit the perceived definitions.  Maybe that’s okay.


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