What Am I?

A while back I had a discussion with a fellow pastor who is an evangelical.  I shared some of my own frustrations within mainline denominations and he suggested that I am still an evangelical in many ways. This has me wondering at times what best describes my theology.  In many ways I do exhibit more evangelical tenets, but the general stance on homosexuality means I couldn’t be a pastor in that context.  However, I really don’t fit liberal Christianity either.  I agree that social justice is important, but at times I feel that God gets pushed aside for what ever … Continue reading What Am I?

Panic at the Narthex

Just a bit of a warning here: I’m about to go all “get off my lawn” in this post.  I guess at 43 I do earn the right to be the cranky middle aged guy. What’s getting stuck in my craw lately is the perceived lack of enthusiasm for the continuance of the mainline/progressive/liberal church.  Now,if you have read this blog, I’m basically ranting about what’s wrong within my theological home.  It’s not that it’s apostate and I want to leave to something more pure, it’s more that I want it to live up to its potential. I’m too loyal … Continue reading Panic at the Narthex

Repost: I Miss the Old Mel White

The positive Mel White of old the “SpongeBob Squarepants of the gay community” is long gone. What’s left is a man that’s pretty pissed off at the church and when I say church, I mean the whole church. Continue reading Repost: I Miss the Old Mel White

I Miss the Old Mel White

I recently read an interview with Rev. Mel White.  Most of you know him as someone who grew up as an evangelical, was a ghostwriter for many big evangelical stars and then came out as gay.  I remember hearing about him in the mid-to-late 90s and back then he was kind of the SpongeBob Squarepants of the gay community.   I mean that SpongeBob thing as a compliment, because he just seemed so darned positive, when it seems like most gay men were known for snark and bitterness.  He was kind of a breath of fresh air to me and I … Continue reading I Miss the Old Mel White