Stimming and Stimming and Stimming…

Aussie blogger Gavin Bollard wrote an article recently on why persons on the autistic spectrum stim.  Stimming is best defined as some kind of repetative body movement.  The word stimming shorthand for self-stimunlation. For those of us on the spectrum, it can be something that can calm us down when we are stressed or dealing with sensory overload.  Gavin gives one example:

People on the autism spectrum often suffer from sensory overload. Note that sensory in this context applies to more than just the five senses. For example, hearing bad news or a sudden change of plan may not seem “sensory” to us but to the person on the spectrum, it’s an internal mental overload – and it causes a lot of stress.

There are other reasons to stim like the most obvious: it feels good.

I bring this up because I have a stim- I love to feel my beard and start twisting the hairs.  It drives Daniel crazy, but for some reasons centers me or helps me during stressful situations.

I have tried at times to not stim, but after a while it creeps back in.  It somehow allows me to cope with the outside world.

I’m curious if other adults stim and I’d like to know why.



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