Autism and Reading Comprehension

I remember about a year ago, listening to a report on National Public Radio on dyslexia. It is not that the words are necessarily backwards, but it becomes hard to read the words in front of you. You can get so far and then you start to struggle. I’ve long wondered if there is a connection to something I’ve experienced in college and seminary and up to the present day. I can remember in seminary having to read books by theologians Jurgen Moltmann and Frederich Schliermacher. I would start reading the book and all of the sudden, the I can … Continue reading Autism and Reading Comprehension

Reading Is Hard

  I’ve had this problem for years, but never really thought about it until now. The problem is I have trouble reading.  It’s not that I can’t read, I can do that rather well.  But when it comes to reading books or articles, it can become a chore.  The words start to lose any sense of meaning and I tend to not comprehend the reading.  The other thing that can happen is that I lose focus on reading.  Even if the book has my attention, I get antsy and can focus.  So I end up reading for no more than … Continue reading Reading Is Hard

It’s Neurotypical World and I’m Living In It

One of the thing that I’ve noticed over the years since my autism diagnosis is how others on the spectrum demand the world accommodate to them.  That makes sense; like other persons with disabilities, there is a time when you do have to demand that changes be made to be able to work or simply live.  But there are times that I wonder if what has to be done, when possible, is to…well, suck it up and try to adapt. Let me explain. Something that I am learning over the years is that people won’t always bend to your wishes.  … Continue reading It’s Neurotypical World and I’m Living In It

The Trouble with “Normal”

It has been sometime since I wrote something on autism/aspergers, partially because I didn’t have anything I wanted to write.  But I stumbled accross an article on Facebook that reminds me of the situation that I face on daily basis. It’s been nearly 10 years since I was diagnosed with Aspergers or High Functioning Autism.  When I got the diagnosis, I was relieved.  It was something I could hang all of the difficulties I faced as an adult in relationships and employment. I was hoping that I could explain to my employers what was happening with me and that they … Continue reading The Trouble with “Normal”

The Trouble With Normal

One of my favorite cartoons growing up was the 1975 television special based on Maurice Sendak’s books with songs by Carole King.  Really Rosie was the name of the special and the song that I remember the most is “Pierre, the Boy Who Doesn’t Care.” Pierre is a little boy that seems to go through life not allowing himself to feel for people and events that happen in his life.  The climax of the song and the story has Pierre willfully getting into the belly of a lion, not caring what happens. I’ve started a new job that supplements my … Continue reading The Trouble With Normal

Playing Checkers in a Chess World

  Foiled again. A few weeks ago, I got a call from a local organization looking for someone like me to interview for an open position.  I was quite excited and hopeful that I might get a new position to supplement my pastoral work and other part time job. They had talked about getting some information to me soon. This is where I made my big mistake more than once. When you tell someone with High Functioning Autism that you will do something soon, we expect that you will do this….well, soon.  In job speak, soon could mean later today … Continue reading Playing Checkers in a Chess World