Aspergers, Love and Frustration

I was reading a blog post over at Married, With Aspergers about relationships and was reminded about my own misadventures when it came to relationships.  Coming out as gay was hard enough, but then throw Aspergers in the mix and well, it can be a mess.

The thing is, way back when I didn’t know I had Aspergers, but I think most of the guys I dated had to think at some point, that “this boy ain’t right.” 

Relationships have always been kind of a hit or miss thing with me.  Sometimes I come on too strong, and sometimes not at all.

I have to thank my husband Daniel for being so patient with me.  He’s had to put up with my quirks and I don’t think that’s any easy task.  I also have to thank my friend Erik, who was my first boyfriend, for also sticking by me when I could be odd, which I certainly can be.

Having a romantic relationship with someone on the spectrum can’t be easy for the NT person, but at least it isn’t boring.


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