Guns, Abortion and Christian Witness

When I heard the news about yesterday's mass shooting in Oregon, I knew what would happen next.  I knew that my Facebook and Twitter feeds would be clogged with my pro-gun control friends sharing their outrage.  I knew I would see an article about what happened in Australia after a mass shooting there 20 years... Continue Reading →

The Abortion Debate Christians Should Be Having

It's been interesting seeing the debate rage on about Planned Parenthood and a number of videos that seem to put the organization in a very bad light.  As I read some of the articles condemning the practice retrieving organs from aborted fetuses, I felt a sense of unease.  Like many, I was alarmed by the... Continue Reading →

Abortion and the Balance

Rachel Held Evans asks her fellow progressive Christians to start caring about abortion in light of the Kermit Gosnell case: It seems to me that Christians who are more conservative and Christians who are more liberal, Christians who are politically pro-life and Christians who are politically pro-choice,  should be able to come together on this... Continue Reading →

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