About Those Flying Drummers…

During the Christmas season, you might have seen that odd TikTok video of drummers suspended in midair as they played their instruments. This was all part of a Christmas extravaganza at a Baptist congregation in Texas. They literally have a cast of thousands for the event. This is how it was described:

A press release from the church, which reportedly has over 50,000 members, describes the show as a “visually stunning multimedia event.” In addition to flying acts and an expansive cast, the show also reportedly features special effects, an LED video wall, and a 50-piece orchestra playing an original music score.

I do a weekly video for my church on where our faith and life intersect. My video of a few weeks ago was about just this issue. You can watch it below. You can also read a longer piece on this on my Substack.

What do you think of the flying drummers?


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