QOTD: On Living the Resurrection Life

From Michael Kruse in a review of Parker Palmer’s book “The Active Life,”

“As I reflected on this chapter, actually the whole book, it drove home a very important point to me that it is too frequently overlooked. Living the resurrection life is frequently cast in terms of getting on board with some “big deal” … going to an unreached community with the message of Jesus or losing ourselves in some great struggle for justice or compassion. I have no doubt that the resurrection life leads some us for a period of time into such “big deals.” But as I’ve read Scot McKnight write about other topics, “This is true but not true enough.” I read Palmer to say that resurrection life penetrates all our work, creativity, and caring and that means all of our work, creativity, and caring is mission. The “big deal” is not an escape from secular and trivial life into sacred and meaningful life. The “big deal,” when it emerges, springs from having ALL of life deeply embedded in resurrection life. Our most menial daily acts are opportunities for service in the Kingdom of God. The big deal turns out to be the daily small deal.”


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