Jesus Christ: Blue or Red?


CNN has a interesting quiz you take to determine what kind of Jesus you prefer.
Yeah, I’m serious.

Read the article before it, because it speaks volumes about our current world.  Here’s part of it:

If elections are about choices, so is faith. And in Christianity, liberals and conservatives choose to see Jesus in different ways. Some liberals see Jesus as a champion of the poor who would support raising taxes on the wealthy, while some conservatives think Jesus would be more concerned with opposing abortion and same-sex marriage.

It’s not surprising that we end up making Jesus in our own image, but it is kind of sad.  The reality is if we really take the story of the Gospels and wrestle with them, we see that Jesus was not so clear cut.  As a professor said in the article, Jesus said a lot of things that were quite cryptic and obtuse.  The real Jesus, not the fabricated one in our minds, was a figure that didn’t fit so neatly into our political framework.  The real Jesus is unnerving to our perfect political system.  That Jesus makes us or at least it should make us, all of us, uncomfortable.  If our Jesus fit too well in the political party of our choosing, then you got a problem.

(By the way, I took the quiz and I guess I tend to worship a Red State Jesus.  Not that this matters, because really, it doesn’t.)


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