Repost: Holding Together

The following is from 2008. As the political season heats up, I am reminded of this post and how much things have become worse in the last four years.

I’ve always been a political junkie. I interned for my congressman back in the summer of 1990. What a wonderous time. Here I was, a kid from Flint, Michigan interning with his congressman and seeing some of the political greats. I remember having the opportunity to see Nelson Mandela give a speech to a joint session of Congress. Here was a man that I heard about, who only a few months prior was released from prison. This man that the then-racist government in South Africa tried to break, was standing in front of Congress unbowed.

I’ve always been interested in politics and have blogged about politics for several years.

But I’m not liking it this year.

There is something in the air that has people just being plain mean to each other. And maybe what is more disturbing is to see Christians regardless of political persuasion saying things that they should be ashamed of.

You know, people have the right to express who they are voting for and why. But can’t we do that with some respect? Do we have to be mean?

Too often, the church is nothing more than an extension of the political parties. Jesus becomes a cheerleader for whatever your ideology. There are liberal churches and conservative churches, ready pom squads for both parties and God help you if you are the minority in each others churches.

I’m a McCain supporter. But you will not see me making any snide comments about Obama or those that support him. I disagree with the views, but not the people.

Whatever happened to Corpus Christi, the Body of Christ? What happened to understanding that the church is made up of different people from different walks of life? What happened to trying to listen to each other and respect each other instead of tearing each other down.

I think I understand why some people choose not be involved in politics: it becomes too divisive. People get so wrapped up in trying to be right that they forget to be loving towards each other, even when they disagree.

So, go ahead and support whoever, but leave your partisan poison at the door. It’s making me sick.


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