Salvation for Jerry Sandusky?

John Meunier opines on the Jerry Sandusky verdict according to Wesleyan theology:

God wants to save Jerry Sandusky. God can save him. But unless Sandusky turns toward God, he will be under God’s wrath. Even if he turns to God and receives assurance of his salvation, he will remain tempted powerfully by the sin that remains in him. Growth to holiness takes time and the help of others.

Although universalism is quite popular these days, I find it far more likely that Sandusky will not feel conviction for his sins. He will not repent. He will not be born anew or receive the assurance of salvation or go on to perfection. He will remain in darkness for eternity.

I do not rejoice in that prospect because no Christian should ever cheer the damnation of a soul.

So, I close with a simple prayer. May God have mercy on his soul. May God bless and comfort his victims.


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