Quotes of the Day

Tim Dalrymple:

For every believer, the first question when confronted with a political issue is never “What does my party think?”  Membership in a political party may be adopted for pragmatic purposes, but the believer is defined by his relationship with God through Jesus Christ.  He takes every thought captive for Christ, submits all things to Christ, seeks the wisest way to live and to govern in light of the truths and the values that God has made known.  On many issues, I find myself aligned with the general consensus of the Republican party.  On other issues, I don’t.  It doesn’t really bother me.  My obligation is to consider every issue carefully according to the discernment God has given me, and to vote and speak on that basis, whether my liberal friends despise it or whether my conservative friends despise it.


Will Willimon:

The only good reasons to be in any sort of ministry are theological. Sometimes we do theology reading books or listening to sermons and sometimes we do theology by getting our hands dirty, diving into the fray, attending to the Body, and working with God for the People of God. The only hope we have for accomplishing anything in our church leadership is our faith that Jesus Christ really rose bodily from the dead and is on the move utilizing the same sorts of knuckleheads whom he first called and commissioned.


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