Sermon: SyrophonecianLivesMatter

The following was preached in 2015. Mark 7:24-37 Fifteenth Sunday After Pentecost September 5, 2015 First Christian Church Mahtomedi, MN Listen to the sermon. When I was in high school I was cross country for two years.  I enjoyed running, but I wasn’t the fastest guy in the world.  I was less a gazelle than I was a gazelle that was limping.  Anyway, this mean that I was usually more often than not, I was in the back of the pack, a long way of saying I was dead last.   So one day after school, we went meet in … Continue reading Sermon: SyrophonecianLivesMatter

Sermon: How Many Lights Do You See?

Acts 2:37-42 Tenth Sunday After Pentecost Sacraments Series August 13, 2017 First Christian Church Mahtomedi, MN Listen to the sermon here. Good science fiction should be able to talk about a present issue dressed in futuristic garb. Star Trek has been able to do that for most of its 50 years of existence.  There is an episode in the sixth season of Star Trek: the Next Generation, where the captain of the Enterprise, Jean-Luc Picard is captured by the Cardassians, a humanoid race that had uneasy relations with the Federation. He is taken to an interrogator named Madred.  Madred is … Continue reading Sermon: How Many Lights Do You See?

Life in Black and Blue

Crime is increasing Trigger happy policing Panic is spreading God know where we’re heading Oh, make me wanna holler They don’t understand -Inner City Blues, Marvin Gaye For the second time in two days we have heard of another police shooting of an African American.  Tuesday saw the killing of Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, LA and last night Philando Castile in the St. Paul suburb of Falcon Heights.  While all of these kind of shootings have bothered me, the Falcon Heights shooting hit closer to home and not just because it was only a few miles from me. What … Continue reading Life in Black and Blue

Repost: Grace and Race

A post from 2013. I sure loves me some Maria Dixon. Dixon is a Methodist and decided to share he thoughts about the whole Paula Deen affair and decided to take Progressive Christians to task for their selective grace: When it comes to discussing race, progressives have little tolerance for intolerance–past or present. We throw labels around as easily as the Pharisees threw stones at adulterous women. How dare someone not have OUR enlightened view on the world! How dare they not have been born with the innate view of justice, righteousness, and soul that we have! So when Paula … Continue reading Repost: Grace and Race