Sermon: Getting God’s Goat

Matthew 25:31–46 | Fifth Sunday of Lent | March 22, 2015 | First Christian Church | Mahtomedi, MN | Dennis Sanders, preaching


“Not all the sheep are good all of the time. Not all of the goats are bad
all of the time. We are sometimes sheep, giving of ourselves to help
our neighbor and we are sometimes goats, shutting ourselves from the
cares of the world. We never really know who is a sheep or who is a goat
even if we think we do.”

Read the Sermon Text.


One thought on “Sermon: Getting God’s Goat

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  1. Thank you; I enjoyed this message tonight. It reminds me of the prayer I have prayed since childhood that I have since taught my children. Basically, I ask for the help of Christ to act more like a sheep and to minimize the impulse to act like a goat.

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