Same Name, Different Church

Church_pencil_sketch_380x257So, I haven’t really shared the news: I am now the solo pastor of a church.

First Christian is small congregation located in Mahtomedi, a suburb of St. Paul.  The church was in St. Paul until the mid-90s when it sold its old building and moved to Mahtomedi.  Their former pastor was there for about 20 years and left in June.

I’ve been here close to a month and enjoy it.  I’m kind of a cross between a Supply Pastor and an Interim Pastor.  The closes description is what Presbyterians call at Stated Supply Pastor, which is actually how I’ve listed myself.

What’s been interesting is that a few days into this, it suddenly hits me that I’m pastoring a church.  By myself.  Something I didn’t think I was capable of.

It’s during those quiet moments of clarity that a certain question comes to the fore:

What the (bleep) did I get myself into?

Being a solo pastor is different from being on a pastoral staff.  I keep worrying that I’m going to crash the church into a tree or something.

This has me remembering something my friend and mentor Bob Brite said on many an occasion: “…and God, the practical joker that she is.”

So, I start a new journey, one I wasn’t really looking for.  God help me.


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