Why We Don’t Really Want an Answer to the Question “Why God?”

John Stackhouse reflects on the shootings in Newtown: The number one column on the New York Times website right now is Maureen Dowd’s “Why, God?” It features counsel on the problem of evil, in the wake of the Newtown shootings, from a priest friend of hers, Rev. Kevin O’Neil. Amid his admirably kind, gentle, and humble remarks on the evils of our time, and every time, is this key admission: “I believe differently now than 30 years ago. First, I do not expect to have all the answers, nor do I believe that people are really looking for them…” I … Continue reading Why We Don’t Really Want an Answer to the Question “Why God?”

On Getting With the Program

Since I work for the Presbyterians, I spent some time this summer watching the live feed from the 220th General Assembly in Pittsburgh.  On the penultimate day of the Assembly there was discussion on allowing ministers to be able to marry same-sex couples.  It was not a surprise to see conservatives quoting scripture.  In fact, one young delegate opened her Bible on the Assembly floor and started reading a verse.  As bothersome as that was, what really bothered me was my own side.  I wasn’t bothered that they were advocating for marriage equality, but I was bothered by how they … Continue reading On Getting With the Program

I Am Joe Paterno…Revisited

I was going to write something about the report from former FBI head Louis Freeh on the scandal at Penn State and the resulting comments from folks.  But there isn’t really much more to add to this, so I will just share what I wrote eight months ago when the scandal broke called “I Am Joe Paterno (And So Are You).”  I think it still holds up in light of the report.  It reminds me that no matter how good we think we are, we are all capable of committing grave evils as Joe Paterno did. Update: I based my … Continue reading I Am Joe Paterno…Revisited

Occupy or Confess?

The whole Occupy Wall Street protests have been fascinating to watch. Even moreso is how Christians respond to the event. I know that there have been clergy taking part and other tweeting positively about the protests, which have now spread around the country. I’m not very sold on the whole thing.  Yes, they are talking about some important issues, but in many ways they tend to be the inverse of the Tea Party movement.  Where the Tea Partiers blame government for, well… everything, the Occupy folks blame corporations.  Instead of trying to find ways to alleviate the suffering that is … Continue reading Occupy or Confess?