Among the “Fuzzy Faithful”

For some reason, whenever I talk about the “spiritual but not religious” or Lillian Daniel, the site stats go way up.  I don’t know if that’s a good thing or if there are a number of people plotting my demise.  I gonna believe the former over the latter. In our continual chat about SBNRs and Lillian Daniel, I want to lift up something I’ve been thinking about.  Daniel is going after the SBNRs with a bit of snark that has set some of her co-religionists off.  While she is tearing the SBNR’s a new one, I wonder if she is … Continue reading Among the “Fuzzy Faithful”

Why I Like Lillian Daniel.

I really like Lillian Daniel.  Really. Why, you ask?  Because in 2011 she said something that many mainline Christians have been thinking, but were too afraid to say outloud.   In 2011 Daniel wrote an article with the very provocative title: “Spiritual, But Not Religious?  Please Stop Boring Me.”  If you think this was a rant, well, you’re right.  Daniel basically tore into those folks that have been called “Spiritual But Not Religious” or SBNR.  The article went viral and it’s easy to see why.  Here’s what she said reflecting on a visit with a gentleman on an airplane: On airplanes, … Continue reading Why I Like Lillian Daniel.