Rerun Sermon: “Three Beeps Means ‘I Love You'”

For those who look at my blog to get ideas for preaching (all two of you), I have a link to a sermon I preached for the Fourth Sunday of Epiphany in 2005.  It even sounds timely because it focuses on same sex marriage. Click on the link below to learn more. Sermon: “Three Beeps Means I Love You”. Continue reading Rerun Sermon: “Three Beeps Means ‘I Love You’”

It Gets Better

It’s never easy being a teen, and it’s harder if you are gay or dealing with autism.  In junior high and in high school, I was dealing with both.  At the time, I didn’t know I had Aspergers and was working hard to deny being gay. I remember being picked on and told I was gay and the teasing was bad in my junior high years.  I can remeber especially when I was maybe 14 or 15 being picked on in church. There was one particular guy that would always call me gay or insinuate in various ways that I … Continue reading It Gets Better