The Anger You Don’t Understand

One of the bloggers that I love to read is Rod Dreher.  While we share some similarities politically, we are on different sides of the same-sex marriage issue.  Rod has written a number of posts on what he sees as the coming troubles facing social conservatives as the opinion on gay marriage changes.  I decided to comment on a recent blog post.  One of the things he is bothered by is the meanness on the pro-SSM towards social conservatives.  While I agree that there has been a lot of spiking the ball on our side, I thought Rod needs to … Continue reading The Anger You Don’t Understand

By the Time I Get to Arizona

About a week ago, I wrote a post on same-sex marriage and how those of us who support it should act towards those that oppose it.  Can we be good winners to the losers? Some of the response to that post got me thinking (and agonizing) over this issue.  In two states, Kansas and Arizona, bills have made their way through the state legislature that would give people the right to refuse service to gays.  I think both bills are unconstitutional on their face and bring to mind the dreadful memories of Jim Crow. That said, these laws are the … Continue reading By the Time I Get to Arizona

We Are the Champions

It’s over. We won. I’m talking about same-sex marriage.  In the months following last year’s decision by the Supreme Court on marriage, state after state has had laws banning same-sex marriage ruled unconstitutional.  This week alone, we’ve seen Virgina and Kentucky move forward in the march towards marriage equality.  Different parts of the federal government are providing full rights to same sex couples.  So, this year my partner Daniel (we had our civil ceremony last September) nd I can file taxes jointly in Minnesota and with the IRS. What many of us thought would take a while for the nation … Continue reading We Are the Champions

A More Excellent Way

And I’m going to show you an even better way. -I Corinthians 12:31 I remember several years ago reading a newsstory about the same-sex marriage debate taking place in the Canadian province of Alberta.  Two men who wanted to get married took the province to court and won.  When asked about the verdict, one of the men responded with a snarky comment to the other side.   I remember being rather bothered by the reaction.  Why the man using this experience to taunt his opponents?  This was a moment of celebration, of building up and not tearing down. That event … Continue reading A More Excellent Way