Why I’m Tired of Facebook

For someone that has touted all the good about social media, I have come to this startling conclusion: I’m tired of Facebook. Actually, I’m not totally tired of Facebook.  It’s allowed me to connect with friends that I haven’t had contact with in years.  No, what I’m tired of is the moralizing that goes on.  An example of this are those sharing of Twitter accounts where the writer chastises those who are screaming at the children making their way to the US Border.  “Jesus is ashamed of you,” it reads.  There are other moralizing posts shaming those who oppose same … Continue reading Why I’m Tired of Facebook


Along the lines of missing DisciplesWorld, I also miss DOCDISC.  DOCDISC is the email group for Disciples.  I remember joining it in the late 90s and it was always an engaging medium to talk about issues both worldwide and within the denomination.  These days, only one person makes email posts, a poet that see this as a way of getting his work out there.  Most people have migrated to Facebook  and that most people includes me.  I think a lot of folk saw Facebook as the next step from an email listserv, but I’m starting to think that listservs are … Continue reading I Miss DOCDISC