Does God Want You To Be Poor?

I’ve been doing some thinking about the whole Dave Ramsey drama from earlier in the month.  Actually, I thinking more about the fact that some of his critics have accused him peddling a version of the Prosperity Gospel. The Prosperity Gospel tends to have critics all along the theological spectrum.  There is a good reason to be at the very least suspicious; it does seem to be more concerned with earthly riches than with heavenly goals. While I’m not suggestion people endorse the Prosperity Gospel, I have always been bothered by the immediate reaction to it.  It’s hard to explain … Continue reading Does God Want You To Be Poor?

A Few Thoughts on Dave Ramsey and Poverty

I don’t follow financial guru Dave Ramsey much.  I’ve heard him a few times on NPR, and I know he’s about offering folks some practical advice on debt and basically how to live financially.  I also know that he blends his faith into his talks on economics.  I think he does a good job with what he does; giving folks some hard truth when it comes to finances. Ramsey is facing some harsh criticism from some fellow Christians over a recent blog post on his website.  He shared a list from another site entitled “20 Things the Rich Do Every … Continue reading A Few Thoughts on Dave Ramsey and Poverty