Repost: In the Middle

The following post is from April of 2008.  In light of the recent goings on at the United Methodist General Conference, I thought this might be a good post to share again. I’ve been a mainline Protestant for about 16 years. I grew up in the evangelical and black churches and found the mainline churches a breath of fresh air…for a time. In many ways it still is a better option than what I grew up with, but as I stayed, I started to notice that a more liberal Christianity had some of the same blind spots that their more … Continue reading Repost: In the Middle

Notes from a Scrapper

I’ve been meaning to share this post by Carol Howard Merritt, but life has been busy and so I never did get around to it.  But hearing about some fellow Disciples of Christ clergy who feel that they have no place in the church reminded me of it again.  She uses the term “Scrappers” to describe a generation (or two) of folks who have worked to piece together a ministry, in this time of diminishing resources.  Here’s a snippet of what she’s talking about: A Scrapper is pragmatic. We are people who have learned to work outside of institutional structures … Continue reading Notes from a Scrapper