A Great Cloud of Witnesses: A Meditation on the Chauvin Verdict

For those of you who don’t know, I do a podcast called Spheres of Influence which focuses on religion, politics and culture. The following episode started as a blog post for the church website, was adapted to the weekly evening prayer on video and now is a podcast. I hope you give it a listen. I focus on the verdict of Derek Chauvin, and the witnesses who saw him killing George Floyd. They challenged the official story and made the difference in seeking justice. I hope you give it a listen.

Spheres of Influence


The following is the audio version of a meditation Dennis did for his congregation yesterday, looking at the murder of George Floyd from a religious standpoint.

Show notes:

Evening Prayer (Midweek Vespers) for April 21, 2021
Written Version from the Church website
Press Release from the Minneapolis Police Department

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