Why Does God Hate Suburbs?

I'm a city kid.  I grew up in Flint, Michigan and was only an hour away from Detroit.  The 1970s, my childhood, was the time when we heard a new phrase: white flight.  It was a time when whites who lived in cities like Flint and Detroit, left the inner cities to head to a... Continue Reading →

Follow the (Aspie) Leader

One of the things you don't hear a lot about when folks talk about persons on the autism spectrum is to be an effective leader at work.  Most of the time when there is talk about the employment of aspies, it's usually about how hard it is to keep a job or talk about how... Continue Reading →

More About Young Clergy

Fifty-something Presbyterian pastor, Jan Edmiston chimes in on the young vs. old clergy smackdown: Several pastors seeking paid positions in the church are over age 65.  Maybe they still have mortgages, or maybe they’ve used their savings to help their children, or maybe they’ve depleted their savings to pay medical bills.  Several of those who... Continue Reading →

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