Symbols, Actions and American Racism

In 1979, I was 10 years old and in fifth grade.  One of my favorite television shows during that time and well into the 80s, was the Dukes of Hazzard.  Being a car guy even then, I was fascinated by the bright orange 1969 Dodge Charger driving through the Georgia backwoods. It didn’t hurt that Bo and Luke Duke were pleasing on the eyes. The Dukes of Hazzard was a successful series for most of its six year run.  This is somewhat surprising in someways because of the symbols of the old South that were so present in the show.  … Continue reading Symbols, Actions and American Racism

It’s Been a Privilege

There is one word that has been batted around lately that I would like to see being used less.  That word is “privilege.” Actually, what I want to see used less is a more specific application of privilege.  It has been used in issues dealing with race to talk about the invisible ways that whites tend to be privileged because of their race.  It is important to talk about privilege and devise ways to lessen it in our lives. But lately, I’ve started to see people abuse the word.  Instead of talking about privilege as a way to help us … Continue reading It’s Been a Privilege

The Prime Directive Meets Syria

In the fictional universe of “Star Trek,” there is a policy that all members of Starfleet must follow: the Prime Directive.  The policy basically states that Starfleet can’t intervene in the internal affairs of alien civilizations.  Not surprisingly, when the policy faces real life situations, there are arguments for and against  following the Prime Directive.  One memorable example is from the second season of Star Trek: the Next Generation.  Data, the android second officer on the Enterprise, establishes contact with an alien child.  Over time he learns that her planet is threatened by tectonic shifts.  Word of this contact gets … Continue reading The Prime Directive Meets Syria

Grace and Race

I sure loves me some Maria Dixon. Dixon is a Methodist minister and decided to share he thoughts about the whole Paula Deen affair and decided to take Progressive Christians to task for their selective grace: When it comes to discussing race, progressives have little tolerance for intolerance–past or present. We throw labels around as easily as the Pharisees threw stones at adulterous women. How dare someone not have OUR enlightened view on the world!  How dare they not have been born with the innate view of justice, righteousness, and soul that we have! So when Paula Deen’s transcript was … Continue reading Grace and Race

Why I Like Lillian Daniel.

I really like Lillian Daniel.  Really. Why, you ask?  Because in 2011 she said something that many mainline Christians have been thinking, but were too afraid to say outloud.   In 2011 Daniel wrote an article with the very provocative title: “Spiritual, But Not Religious?  Please Stop Boring Me.”  If you think this was a rant, well, you’re right.  Daniel basically tore into those folks that have been called “Spiritual But Not Religious” or SBNR.  The article went viral and it’s easy to see why.  Here’s what she said reflecting on a visit with a gentleman on an airplane: On airplanes, … Continue reading Why I Like Lillian Daniel.

Me and Progressive Christianity Just Don’t Get Each Other

Can one be a Progressive Christian and be a Republican? How about a libertarian? When I was growing up, it wasn’t odd for me to be evangelical and have liberal politics.  It still isn’t that odd, there are many liberal evangelicals running around.  I’ve tended to see evangelicalism as far more diverse than what popular culture portrays it. For some reason, that tends to not always be the case with Progressive Christianity.  It almost always seems to me that to be a progressive Christian, one must have progressive politics.  There is no room for disagreement here.  One would think a … Continue reading Me and Progressive Christianity Just Don’t Get Each Other