The Problem With (Some) Pacifists

I need to start off by saying that I don’t tend to read much from the Institute for Religion and Democracy, even though I probably agree with them on some issues.  As much as I gripe about my home within Mainline Protestantism, I’m not much for those who tear down with no intent to build up.  It’s a messed up theological home, but it’s my messed up theological home. But even a stopped watch is correct twice a day. What has me looking at the IRD website is a particular blog post on pacifism and it sums up why pacifists … Continue reading The Problem With (Some) Pacifists

The Prime Directive Meets Syria

In the fictional universe of “Star Trek,” there is a policy that all members of Starfleet must follow: the Prime Directive.  The policy basically states that Starfleet can’t intervene in the internal affairs of alien civilizations.  Not surprisingly, when the policy faces real life situations, there are arguments for and against  following the Prime Directive.  One memorable example is from the second season of Star Trek: the Next Generation.  Data, the android second officer on the Enterprise, establishes contact with an alien child.  Over time he learns that her planet is threatened by tectonic shifts.  Word of this contact gets … Continue reading The Prime Directive Meets Syria