A Knock at the Door

When I think about the recent horrific shooting of young Ralph Yarl, a young black man who went to the wrong house to pick up his siblings and was shot by an elderly white man, my thoughts go to a similar experience I went through growing up and also to my late elderly father. Let me... Continue Reading →

Giving Thanks in Advent World

Thanksgiving is a time of looking back and giving thanks to God. Advent is a time of looking forward and living into God's promised future. Below, I did a video on Advent and Thanksgiving in light of the recent shooting at an LGBTQ bar in Colorado Springs. https://youtu.be/pwnUqiZh-ic

I Miss DisciplesWorld

It's been four years since the magazine for my denomination shut down.  DisciplesWorld was an effort to create an independent magazine that would replace The Disciple, the in-house magazine which shut down in 2002.  For seven years, DisciplesWorld did a valiant effort in trying to tell the story of our denomination.  One of the best... Continue Reading →

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