Lenten Reflection-Ash Wednesday

We want to think we have all the time in the world to follow Jesus, but if last year has taught us anything is that tomorrow is not promised. If we are going to follow Jesus we have to be willing to follow him now. Life is too short. Continue reading Lenten Reflection-Ash Wednesday

Brighter Days Ahead

Since there isn’t a lot to do in these days of COVID, my husband Daniel and I went for a walk Sunday.  We walked up and down one of Minneapolis’ many parkways. We were walking back towards our car and past a number of houses on the parkway.  Maybe a block or two from our car, we saw someone- probably a child- wrote in chalk on the sidewalk.  The writings were all positive sayings that really spoke to the times.  One of them seemed bold in saying “brighter days ahead.” It was an interesting saying to make at this time. … Continue reading Brighter Days Ahead

Why Our Church Isn’t Progressive

As I was scanning Facebook the other day, I noticed a church Facebook page that claimed they are a progressive church. More mainline Protestant congregations are declaring themselves as a progressive congregation, meaning a congregation that focuses on LGBTQ rights, the environment, race, abortion and other issue that would be issues from the political left. Branding yourself as a progressive church can make the church attract more people. People want more and more to be with people they agree with on various issues. But is First Christian progressive? I would say no. Now, before you start thinking that I am … Continue reading Why Our Church Isn’t Progressive