Resurrection and “Skyfall”

My partner and I love James Bond movies, so of course we went to see the latest film in the franchise, Skyfall, on opening night.  I tend to think it’s going to be one of the better of the Bond flicks and I’ve enjoyed the direction Bond has taken since Daniel Craig took the role in 2006. I came accross a blog post that talks a little about the theme of resurrection in the movie and how it was so different from that Other resurrection: If Jesus’ resurrection was both an assurance of his triumph over death and an ushering … Continue reading Resurrection and “Skyfall”

Is "The Help" A Modern Tale on Materialism?

So says, Elijah Davidson: The Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s serves as the backcloth for The Help, but I did not walk out of the theater with a renewed commitment to racial equality. I left deeply appreciative of women and deeply disturbed by how women are affected by our materialistic culture. To reiterate, The Help, I contend, is not about racism. It’s not about sexism either. I saw in The Help a depiction of the destructive power of materialism. The Help‘s villain is Hilly Holbrook, a racist, vindictive woman portrayed with vicious glee by Bryce Dallas Howard. Hilly reigns supreme at the apex … Continue reading Is "The Help" A Modern Tale on Materialism?

"The Help"

My partner and I recently saw “The Help,” a hit movie that takes place in Civil Rights-era Jackson, Mississippi.  I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the movie.  I didn’t think it would be any good, but it was able to tell a good story about the lives of upper middle class white women and their African American maids.  There are a lot of movies that have tried and I think failed to tell the story of the civil rights movement (I’m looking at you, Mississippi Burning), but this one got the story right. Presbyterian pastor Paul Moore … Continue reading "The Help"