Learning to Live in the Tension

I haven’t really blogged about what’s happening in the Presbyterian Church (USA) when it comes to changes in its ordination standards for a simple reason: I get paid by them.  I know people who are more conservative and opposed the change and liberals who supported it and I haven’t really wanted to offend folks or get people upset. But I also know that most people just have to look at my Facebook page to know where I stand.  And that doesn’t change how I would work.  My job is to serve the whole church with love and grace, not just … Continue reading Learning to Live in the Tension

Ashes to Ashes…We All Fall Down.

Like many people, I’ve been rather surprised to hear that Oscar Pistorius has been charged with the murder of his girlfriend. The South African athelete, who is a double amputee, is known as “Blade Runner” for his carbon fiber legs and his speed.  Pistorius was a symbol that persons with disabilities can achieve great feats, like being a world champion runner.  Yes, he was to use that tired cliche, an inspiration.  He helped put the Paralympics on the map, helping us to see it as a serious sporting event on par with its sister event, the Olympics. I remember watching … Continue reading Ashes to Ashes…We All Fall Down.

Why We Don’t Really Want an Answer to the Question “Why God?”

John Stackhouse reflects on the shootings in Newtown: The number one column on the New York Times website right now is Maureen Dowd’s “Why, God?” It features counsel on the problem of evil, in the wake of the Newtown shootings, from a priest friend of hers, Rev. Kevin O’Neil. Amid his admirably kind, gentle, and humble remarks on the evils of our time, and every time, is this key admission: “I believe differently now than 30 years ago. First, I do not expect to have all the answers, nor do I believe that people are really looking for them…” I … Continue reading Why We Don’t Really Want an Answer to the Question “Why God?”

God Doesn’t Love the One Percent.

I have a mixed relationship with Mary’s Magnificat found in Luke 1.  On the one hand it is a wonderful message of justice; that the lowly in life will be vindicated and remembered by God.  I love singing the song A Canticle of the Turning by Rory Cooney. But the text also is bothersome to me.  It’s take on the rich and powerful is not one of charity; instead it is a hard justice-one where the rich are sent away empty and the powerful are made low.  God of grace and love it isn’t. David Neff writes in Christianity Today … Continue reading God Doesn’t Love the One Percent.

Fear of a Fundamentalist Planet

So quick, what is a Progressive Christian? I can come up with two answers. First, we are a bunch of Democrats who like to go to church and talk about God. Second, we are NOT evangelicals/fundamentalists. One of my favorite site to visit is Patheos.  I tend to read from three channels: Progressive Christian, Evangelical and Catholic.  It’s interesting to not how varied the Evangelical and Catholic sites are.  I don’t agree with everything on their blogs, but they do leave me thinking. When it comes to the Progressive Christian site, however, I never feel as challenged.  Most (but thankfully, … Continue reading Fear of a Fundamentalist Planet

God Is…

Tony Jones has offered a challenge to liberal Christian bloggers.  He has rightly sensed that progressive Christians have trouble talking about God.  They can talk till one’s ear falls off when it comes to politics, but God?  Not so much.  Here’s what he said: I’ve been writing recently about the problems with liberalChristianity, and I had a thought this morning. It was prompted by a recent phone conversation I had with the managing editor of a major publishing house, combined with my faithful listening to the Theology Nerd Throwdown podcast, and the silliness of all the hand-wringing about Chik-fil-A. These … Continue reading God Is…

Repost:Why Theology Matters

We are going waaay back on this one to 2005. In the mail today, I recieved a mailing from the Disciples Peace Fellowship, the peace and justice caucus within my denomination, The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). The newsletter had a quote that struck me. It said: “No amount of theology about God and the Bible and ethics and theology is equal to the smallest amount of action taken in behalf of another human being. I thought about that, because I’m someone that has always loved to think about the Christian faith. Does this mean theology has no place in … Continue reading Repost:Why Theology Matters